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Senior Care in Saint Genevieve County, MO

Comfort Keepers provides our own unique interactive senior care in Saint Genevieve County, MO

Seniors need and want to stay in their own homes when they begin to need help with everyday tasks. In fact, doing so can help them to live longer and maintain healthier and more comfortable lives. Comfort Keepers of Cape Girardeau, MO can help make this a reality with our interactive senior care. The goal of Interactive Caregiving is to keep seniors as engaged and active as possible. This allows them to continue leading an independent life.

How Interactive Senior Care Works

Senior care for families in Saint Genevieve County, MOThe goal of interactive senior care is to provide seniors with the help they need now while helping them to keep or improve their health. Caregivers are carefully trained to understand how best to get their seniors to engage and interact with them. This starts by inviting seniors to take an active part in their own care. This could mean helping with meals, or just sitting and talking to the caregiver as the meal is prepared. How interactive care is, is largely dependent on the abilities of the senior.

Comfort Keepers believes that senior care is not just about caring for the senior’s physical needs. Careful attention is given to creating activities across the mental, physical, and social realms that spark the interests of each of our seniors. This might include social outings to visit family and friends, going out to special events, or going to the mall. We also work to challenge seniors mentally with their favorite games or puzzles. The goal is to find activities for each of their needs that spark their interests and make them happy.

How We Strive To Enhance Your Loved Ones Lives

We do not leave your loved one to just sit while we do all the work. Part of our caregiving includes encouraging seniors to exercise. It has been proven that the more seniors exercise the less at risk for injury they are. We also pay careful attention to diet and hydration. Our goal is to ensure that your loved one is getting the proper nutrition and drinking enough. This can have a big impact not only on their physical health but also on mental acuity.


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Bloomsdale 63627
Saint Genevieve 63670
Saint Mary 63673

Also serving Wayne County; Gipsy 63750


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