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In Home Care in Bollinger County, MO

Comfort Keepers can help you determine the in home care your loved one in Bollinger County, MO needs

As you start considering in home care you may quickly become overwhelmed by all the options available. It is hard enough to decide that your loved one might need care but you must also decide the type and level of care they need. You do not have to feel alone through this process. At Comfort Keepers of Cape Girardeau, MO we have plenty of experience helping seniors and their families find the right care.

Types Of Care Offered By Comfort Keepers For The Bollinger County, MO Area

We offer carefully designed and customized plans crafted to meet as many needs as possible. We offer a wide range of care services including:

  • In home care for your loved ones in Bollinger County, MOFull Time Care
  • Part Time Care
  • Respite Care
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care
  • Parkinson’s Disease and ALS Care
  • End of Life Care
  • Transitioning from the Hospital Care
  • 24-hour Home Care
  • Private Duty Nursing
  • Veterans Care

We work hard to meet the unique needs of each as every one of our seniors. In home care is based on senior’s abilities, the level of independence they wish to maintain, and any health conditions they might have. We work to support the family as well as their loved one, by offering services that can help families cope with the rigors of caring for their aging family member.

We Can Help You Decide The Type Of In Home Care Needed

Sometime the decision is easy and the needs of your senior are straightforward. Other times, there may be several things you may not be thinking about as you arrange care for your loved one. We offer a self-assessment that can help you make sure you have thought about everything including issues of safety around the house and caring for your loved one’s personal needs. Our assessment survey will point out a few of the clues you might have missed and can pinpoint where your loved one might be struggling. It is not uncommon for seniors to hide problems they might be taking care of themselves.


Cities Serviced In Bollinger County ZIP Codes
Glen Allen 63751
Marble Hill 63764
Patton 63662
Sedgewickville 63781
Sturdivant 63782
Zalma 63787

Also serving Wayne County; Gipsy 63750

Once You Have Taken The Survey

If you are still not sure what type of in home care your loved one needs, we have our free in-home consultation. This gives you the advantage of having an expert come into your loved one’s home and help you determine exactly what type and amount of care your senior needs. Our senior advisors can also help your loved one feel at home with the idea of getting care, and explain to them how getting care does not mean they will lose their independence. When you are ready contact us at (573) 208-4188.

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