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Does your loved one often skip a dose of their medications? Is their medication schedule so complex that they simply cannot keep up with it? Comfort Keepers elderly health care can help!

We know that managing multiple medications on a daily basis can pose a challenge for seniors, so we now offer our clients in Cape Girardeau two solutions that can eliminate the guesswork from medication management and allow your loved one to maintain good health.

Our first solution comes in the form of home health care. Namely, our care plans include medication reminders and various other medication management tasks such as picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy and reading labels. Unfortunately, our caregivers cannot administer medications, which is why we offer our second solution to complement our services - medication safety and management products.

As we are also aware that many older adults can maintain their routine on their own - without the help of elderly health care providers or family caregivers - our medication management systems can be purchased independently. If your senior loved one just needs a bit of help with their medication schedule, these systems are designed to minimize the risk of skipping a dose or taking the wrong medication.

At Comfort Keepers, we offer three medication management devices that are incredibly simple to use, including:


Pill Dispenser

Built with the needs of seniors with complex medication schedules in mind, Pill Dispenser is a good solution for anyone struggling with medication management. The device can hold up to 60 medication cups, with each cup being able to hold 20-25 pills. With our Pill Dispenser, your loved one never has to worry about medication errors again.


Tab Safe

Tab Safe is also a pill dispenser. It holds four cartridges, each of them holding between 16 and 32 pills. This makes Tab Safe a perfect option for both seniors with simple and complex medication timetables. The system alerts people on your loved one's contact list in case of a missed dose, which prevents improper medication use.



MedMinder is a pillbox featuring wireless technology. It can be programmed and managed online via our secure user portal. The device sends a notification to family members or elderly health care providers in case of a missed dose.


As all our technology solutions allow for effortless medication management, choosing the right one for your loved one may not be easy. If you need help choosing or want to know more about how these elderly health care products work, contact us today at (573) 208-4188 to schedule your free in-home demonstration and get answers to all your questions. We are happy to help!


Medication Safety and Management

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