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Senior Home Care Professionals Say Coloring Books Can Help Your Loved One Tremendously

Dec 8, 2017 by Sherry James

Senior home care experts suggest that when you need to find a gift for your mom or dad, you choose a box of crayons and a coloring book or two. Many adults are starting to get back into the hobby of coloring, as it allows them to relax. If you have ever watched a child color, he or she becomes immersed in the book and coloring within the lines. The same happens when seniors color too. There is always a smile on the face of an individual who colors and the smell of the new crayons and choosing your favorite color tops it all off.

Did you know that senior home care professionals say that coloring can relieve feelings of depression, loneliness, and help with anxiety? Studies have shown that coloring can relax a senior and provide them with the tranquility they are after. In fact, senior home care professionals say that when seniors color, their face and body become less rigid and you will notice that their face softens. As seniors start to color, the stress, aches, and pain that they experience melts away.

If your loved one does like to socialize, you may want to consider visiting a local senior center where they can color with other seniors who enjoy the activity too. Your loved one will be able to meet new people while continuing to enjoy his or her favorite hobby.

Senior home care experts recommend that families set aside a night and color together, as this can strengthen the bond between family members. Every senior has a beautiful story to tell and they can tell it through coloring too. If you would like to learn more about how coloring can help your loved one, call the experts at Comfort Keepers today.

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